Report from the Writers

Eight people attended our April meeting and there was a sense of reunion after the long winter.  Everyone was glad to see each other again.

We began with a few moments of silence in memory of Nancy Strader.  We will miss her presence very much Continue reading

Do you love libraries?

Check out this great article in The Rotarian, “In Praise of Libraries”

WRITERS’ GROUP NEWSLETTER Donna Bradley March, 2015

March is an interesting month, often a great month to just “get away”; and several of our members did just that for a variety of reasons.  Can you blame anyone for taking advantage of a break in this long winter?

Our remaining members were enthralled by what seemed to be the first hint of spring.  Temperatures were in the forties, ice was turning to slush and the sun was shining.  We sat around a small round table and with enthusiasm had a great meeting despite only a few of us who attended this month  At the onset we decided that this meeting would be devoted to listening to each other and offering support and advice.  It turned out to be a very positive experience with many helpful responses. Continue reading

Free tax prep this Saturday, February 28

Beginning at 9:00 AM, the Indian Lake Library will help you prepare your personal taxes.  Volunteers from the VITA program will stay until around 11:30 am and then head down to the Lake Pleasant Library.  Appointments are recommended. Please bring all your documents with you.

Writers Group Newsletter

Wednesday, February 18th at 7pm in our library will be an open mic night.  We hope many of us and also many visitors will join us for an evening of shared personal stories.
How exciting that our order of forty more Aster and Ink books arrived at the post office this very morning.  Since our assignment was “Timing”, this arrival followed suit.  Hot off the press we have already sold fifteen books and are holding an additional six for others.  So, twenty one are gone and nineteen to go.  With our big Winterfest celebration this coming week we still have plenty of books available and an opportunity to sell more.
Our meeting was filled inspiration and comradeship.  We had not assigned “love” as a topic but love appeared in one form or another in most of the pieces shared at this meeting.  We had a love story based on “timing”, as well as another one based on a tree transformed into the sculptor of a woman’s torso. We heard the story of how the love of the mountains inspired one couple to move up to Indian Lake.  Personal notes shared by their receiver revealed how written words have the ability to glow with the love of friends and family who live at a distance.

Continue reading

Writers Group Wednesday night

The library will be open tonight at 7 for a special program. Meet the writers group and listen to stories, poems and prose. Bring your writing and read. Be prepared to laugh, cry and enjoy. All welcome to this free program

Help with Taxes

We’ll have tax prep at the library on February 28 but sign up is REQUIRED!  Assistance will be free for simple tax preparation. We have some forms in limited  quantities and others can be printed off the web. Bring all your documents and income statements.  E-file and learn how to use free tax programs too.

This program is provided through United Way Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA). Sponsored by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and Bank of America, VITA provides free income tax preparation assistance to individuals and families with a household income of approximately $53,000 a year or less. In addition to providing free tax preparation, VITA works to ensure everyone in the community receives all of the tax credits and deductions for which they are eligible  especially EITC, Child Tax Credit, Education Tax Credits and Child Care tax deductions.

SnoCade Events in addition to the Sat/Sunday book and bake sale

The Library is pleased to have crafts and stories for children during SnoCade.  Have a favorite sweater you can no longer wear? Turn it in to mittens!  That’s just one of the crafts we’ll be trying with the help of ILCS Student Council members. Join us Tuesday, Feb 17, Wed, Feb 18 and Friday Feb 20 from 1-2PM for an hour of stories and crafts.  Sign up appreciated, bring a sweater if you have one

The Writers Group will be hosting an open mike night on Wednesday, Feb 18 at 7 PM at the library. Read your poems and prose; Story telling encouraged!  Again, sign up at the front desk/ give us a call; it is appreciated

Library Closed Monday, Groundhogs Day

School is closed because of the snowstorm and that means the library is closed too. Stay safe!

Rural Law Center of New York

The Indian Lake Library is pleased to provide access to the Rural Law Center of New York, INC.   We can connect you with answers with your questions on such topics as:

Going to Court, Preparing for Court in New York State, Small Claims Court, How to Serve the Other Party

What is Service?, Directions for Personal Service, Service by Publication in NYS Divorce

Custody/Visitation, How to Prepare for a Custody Case, Custody Case Worksheet, Custody for the Non-Biological Parent, Quick Tips for Non-Parent Custody, Non-Parent Filing for Child Custody

How to Respond to a Scheduling Order, Sample Response to a Scheduling Order,

Grandparent Visitation Guide

Financial Matters, Managing Your Debt, Quick Tips for Dealing with Creditors

How to Answer a Complaint, Getting Creditors to Cease Contact, How to Dispute a Debt, What are Exempt Funds?

Letter to Creditor/Exempt Funds, Should I File for Bankruptcy?

Child Support, Child Support in NYS/Some Answers, NYS Child Support Standards Chart

Wills/Powers of Attorney, Writing Your Will, Being an Executor, NYS Power of Attorney

Divorce/Separation, Guide to Self-Represented Divorce, How to Serve Your Spouse, How to Respond When Served

Mediation/Arbitration, What is Mediation?, FAQ about Mediation

Health and Aging, Senior Citizen NYS Legal Resource Guide, Health Care Proxy in New York State, Senior and Caregiver Checklist

Housing Legal Resource Guide, Buying a Home on a Land Contract, Sample Land Contract, Buying a Mobile Home, Tenant Tips


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