INDIAN LAKE WRITERS’ GROUP Monthly Newsletter April, 2016 D.Bradley

Although Spring was late in arriving this year, it most certainly was in the minds of our members. How wonderful to see so many show up and what outstanding writing we shared during our meeting.   Continue reading

What’s Universal Class?

INDIAN LAKE WRITERS’ GROUP Monthly Newsletter March, 2016

We never know what awaits us when attending a Writers’ Group meeting.  This March meeting would only be our second meeting of the year since we skipped February.  Bob and I had been away for five weeks and only recently returned from our travels so we looked forward to our gathering, but wondered what would await us.  I believe that this was the first time ever that our contributing writers were only men.  We did sit around a table of eight people, although two attended more as an audience than as writers.  Jill had no new writing to share, but, she did bring along her album of pictures with accompanying descriptive writing of her Appalachian journey.  She has been putting in a lot of time organizing and writing about her unique travels in 2015.  We are all rooting for her to get her final piece published.

We enjoyed three stories written by the three men who attended the meeting.  In The Diner, we heard much about the Empire Diner in Manhattan, and all the accompanying life’s events surrounding that period of time in New York City.Also, in Spring in the Air, we traveled back in time and stood on a train platform with numerous other men.All were dressed alike and heading into the city to spend a long day on the job.  Our one protagonist yearned to be different. Similarly, in Trapped, we met a fictional man, his wife and children living the good life, although the monthly bills soaked up everything which this successful couple provided.  The man, John, found himself yearning for the “one more thing” and realizing that he would probably not achieve the freedom in his life for which he truly yearned.

Next meeting:   Wednesday, April 13, 1:30 in the library     Assignment:  “I Remember That!”

Hope to see many of you next month!   D. Bradley

Tax Preparation Program Cancelled

The Greater Capital Region CA$H program to prepare taxes for free has been cancelled. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Snocade 16

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Warm up at the Booksale

Snocade festivities planned

Make tracks at the library!  Snocade kicks off with a parade on Friday, February 12 at 4:30. The tricky tray will be held that night at 6 in the school gym.

Friends Book and Cookie sale on Saturday 2.13 and Sunday 2.14  from 10-2:30.  A great selection and well organized with new shelving up in the book shed.

Although the library will be closed on Monday, 2.15 (Check out the dogsled rides at Byron Park 12-5 and  and  FrostFest at the Adirondack Museum from 10-4) bring the kids to the library for stories and crafts on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday from 1- 2 PM.

Wednesday at 7 PM we will have a special presentation in the library by Erik Schlimmer and Jill Reid on hiking and travels. Erik will have his new book, “My Adirondacks”.

Indian Lake Writers’ Group Monthly Newsletter January, 2016 D. Bradley

We never know for certain who will attend our meetings, but this time we did know who would not be able to make it.  Due to the weather, we received two cancellations from our far away friends.  Thinking that we might have a short meeting with few members, we were in for a great surprise.

We traveled on the Appalachian Trail for over seven hundred and seventy miles.  We felt abandoned during a hike up Crane Mountain while bushwhacking and ending up in a cave.  Luckily this was a fiction piece.  We traveled back in time to Brooklyn when two twelve year olds’ adventures almost created a potentially dangerous situation.  Laughter exploded when hearing another Odd Tale; this one about a drone flashing pictures of unaware neighbors in the dark of night.  Our two Trapped pieces changed the mood.  One tale of an entrapment in a bathroom in a Rome hotel created a heightened sense of panic.  The next entrapment made us all shiver hearing about the retelling of a story heard during a college get together many years ago.  This story took place in Japan and the combination of a very tiny kitchen with a closed door and a trapped rat took us into a situation which none of us wished to ever experience.

Well, you may have an idea of what you missed if you were not in attendance.


NEXT MEETING:  MARCH 9th        1:30 PM in the library

ASSIGNMENT:  Choose one of these two or any other idea you may have:   Essential / Texture

Hope we will get to see many of you at our March meeting

Holiday Hours and new winter hours

Closed Thursday- Sunday December 24- 27

Closed December 31- January 3

NEW Winter Hours for 2016    Open Thursdays!

Opening Monday, January 4

Monday 12-6 PM,    Tuesday 11-4 PM,      Wednesday 11-4 PM

Thursday 10-1 PM,     Friday 12-6 PM,       Saturday 10-1 PM

Sunday Closed              Please tell us how you like the new hours

Say Cheese and Smile

Join us on Saturday, December 12 at noon for a cheese tasting with Andy LeBlanc.  Learn a little history, savor a bite.cheese tasting 12.12.15 007

Sign up is required for this free program.


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