The library will be closed Friday

The library will be closed on October 27, 2017 for staff training. We will reopen with regular hours on Saturday.


Final PLACE program Thursday November 9, 6 PM

Odds Against Tomorrow by Nathaniel Rich will be the final book to be discussed as we Push the Limits and glimpse in to the future of NY.  Multiple copies of the book are available at the library. Our NOAA meteorologist will take your questions as we discuss community strategies at the Indian Lake Theater. Sign up for this free program. Light snacks will be served to tide us over.

What’s going on with the Writers Group?

Writers’ Group Newsletter    Bradley   October, 2017

As we come to a year’s close this month, we did not know what to expect as far as attendance.  Many of our wonderful and committed writers have been unable to attend many meetings, although when they do, we are thrilled by their attendance and their accomplishments.  Continue reading “What’s going on with the Writers Group?”

The Water Knife

We will be discussing “The Water Knife” by Paolo Bacigalupi at our next “Pushing the Limits of Change” meeting, coming up next Monday!  Please sign up for dinner as well as participation in weather -spotting training.  Join the conversation to Push the Limits in our community!

Check the Weather Often?

We’re looking for some weather spotters in Blue Mountain Lake and Indian Lake.  In coordination with our program on Climate Change you can sign up for free weather spotter training on Monday, October 16.  The program will take place at 6 PM at the theater. We need 10 people to sign up IN ADVANCE to make this happen so call the library and sign up!