Report from the Writers Group

The next meeting of the Writers Group will be on July 12 at 1:30 in the library.

WRITERS’ GROUP NEWSLETTER by D. Bradley                   June, 2017

A spectacular summer day created the backdrop for a group of writers to gather around the table of our local Indian Lake library.  We have had a lull in our attendance recently, but we may chalk that up to wintry Adrondack weather.  Perhaps now that the warm and mostly sunny weather has returned, so will additional people interested in writing and sharing with a harmonious group of good friends.  Today was an especially fruitful day.  We heard two delightful poems, both in homage to the Long Island shore.  Little Necks and Cherry Stones captures the pleasures of learning the art of clamming from your older brother when you are but fifteen.  Winter Solstice on the Beach honors the healing power of the sun and salt and sea.  Our second piece, Something Big took us on a trip from Route 78 to Route 183, deep into the country side of Pennsylvania. And here, in search of a bathroom, the travelers discovered both the needed facility as well as a most unique country store named the Pat Garret Sheepskin Outlet and Fuel Station.  Both the numerous sheepskin items for sale and the discovering of exactly who Pat Garret was, created a delightful and fascinating experience.    Our next piece revealed the tone of a relationship, seasoned by many years, through the conversation of the husband and wife.   Clever and very realistic, both husband and wife came alive through their interactions.

Surf Club Blues featured the experience of two young men working for a local bank during the summertime.  The two of them were given the responsibility of locking the vault at three in the afternoon, and setting the timer to reopen it when they returned from their trip to a local hangout to reopen the bank at five thirty.  Needless to say, upon returning, the procedure to open up the vault did not work.  They had to do some quick thinking and acting to rectify this problem and still serve the customers who needed their money after 5:30.   Our final writer arrived with a piece he has been working on for some time.  Entitled, The Big Black Bulging Beast, we heard a story created in his mind, and yet fully detailed as if he had experienced this himself.  The story revolved around an Italian restauranteur in Manhattan and his arrangement with a dairy farmer in Rhinebeck in the early part of the last century.  We learned about dairy farming, veal production, the new appearance of steam engines, all eventually intertwined with the Mafia.

One must acknowledge that such varied quality entertainment is available each month at our lovely local library.  But, we do need others to join us.  We provide laughter, knowledge, and just plain fascinating stories.


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