Town of Indian Lake Plan

A draft of the new Town of Indian Lake Comprehensive Plan is available here for download or at the Indian Lake Library.  It’s available for for check-out, just tell us how long you need it.

Next steps:

Moving forward, per NYS Town Law Section 272-s, the Town Board is responsible for conducting a final review and adoption. This includes the following steps:

Submit copies of the draft plan to Hamilton County and the APA for review

Set a Town Board Public Hearing date for public input (this may occur during a regularly scheduled Town Board meeting or a special Town Board meeting). It must follow NYS Public Hearing Law (i.e., proper notice, etc.).  The  Public Hearing will include a brief presentation/overview of the recommendations. After the Hearing is closed,  if necessary, any additional edits based on Town Board and Public Hearing input and APA and County review will be incorporated.

The Town will then conduct SEQR review,  adopt the Comprehensive Plan and submit a copy of adopted plan to NYS Department of State.



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