WRITERS’ GROUP NEWSLETTER D. Bradley January, 2017

A new beginning offers each of us a chance to work on developing ourselves in a variety of ways.  One of these ways is to transform our creative thoughts onto a piece of paper, maybe many pieces; then, come and share and we will support your efforts.  You will always have an audience waiting for you here each monthWe started off the year with a small group, and actually although six of us sat around the table, it was the three men who offered their efforts for us to enjoy and discuss.  We began with a story of a farming family living in the Hudson Valley.  Who knew that our writer had such a vast amount of information related to the financial aspects of raising milk cows serviced by a hefty bull.  The story combines the farmer with an Italian restaurant owner and a business deal develops.  We have been informed that this is just the beginning of the story and we look forward to what may evolve at our next meeting.

Our second writer offered us a “palm of the hand” memory written about a trip with a good friend on a thirty foot motor yacht.  The boat, the Carol B, provided entertainment and adventure for two young men during the early sixties.  This particular trip began in Jamaica Bay and carried the two adventurers out into the open ocean after dark.

Finally we continue to be entertained by the efforts of our novel writer.  Although he has written over thirty chapters so far, today he shared with us his chapter nine.  We have amongst us the “king of detail”.  Each moment described between two characters in this chapter comes vividly alive allowing us to picture the two sitting together in a restaurant.   We actually can taste the clams as they sit on our tongue, even if we have never had that experience.  We look forward to hearing much more about this tale entitled, Death on a Beach.

***Our next meeting will be on February 8, 2017 at 1:30 in our library.


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