INDIAN LAKE WRITERS’ GROUP   Newsletter  D. Bradley October, 2016

A small number of members appeared in our library this past Wednesday.

I must tell you that we are never disappointed whether our numbers are

large or small.  We had the most intimate and varied discussions throughout

our two hour meeting, and I believe that each of the five of us felt stimulated

and enlightened by this gathering.


The first piece caused each of us to review the issue of parenting skills.

This was a heartfelt topic.  The next two pieces touched on the topic of

our assignment, “forgotten”.  The first of these two revealed a true account

of how fame is so very fleeting, and even a previous mayor of New York

City can be forgotten once his term has expired.  The second of these pieces

related to the assignment because it had been written several years before

and had recently been discovered.  Once reworked and completed, this

child’s poem fit the assignment because it had been “forgotten”.


Finally, we enjoyed catching up with our novel writer.  We needed a bit

of review of the previous several chapters which we had heard before.

Then we heard much new material.  But, how inspiring to travel along

with a novel author as he creates characters, a compelling storyline, and

is able to bring to life with such clarity the action in this evolving story.


Next assignment if you so wish:   Lessons Learned


Next meeting:  Wednesday November 9 at 1:30 in our library


Do come and join us!!


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