Writers group meets 9.14 for workshop

WRITERS’ GROUP NEWSLETTER     August, 2016           D. Bradley

Although a small group gathered around the table this month, we had an enjoyable afternoon. We began with a piece from a member who was unable to attend, but sent a poem for us to read. It was called, Waiting Through War.  The build up kept us riveted and we were finally rewarded with understanding.  A very clever approach to a powerful topic. Continue reading “Writers group meets 9.14 for workshop”


Ready for the Book Sale?

There’s a great book sale and bake sale happening on August 6 – this Saturday and Sunday- from 10 am until 2 pm.  Reflexology on Sunday as an added bonus!  So, go to the Farmer’s Market in front of the school, stop at the library and check out the book sale at the town hall.  Get there early to get the best goodies!