Newsletter June, 2016  D. Bradley~     Hard to believe that as this month comes to a close half of our year will have passed.   Our dedicated writers’ continue to attend and we continue to hope for an increase in attendees.  That does not stop us from having a productive and entertaining meeting.  Hopefully, next month we will have more join us around our library table.  

We have one member who has chosen to write a novel.  There are many aspects related to writing a fiction novel.  The title, Death on a Beach, demands research related to finding a dead body on a beach.  How does one know if the death is caused by drowning or suffocation?  Research, research, research!  All of our other members will be supporting this grand adventure as well as learning much about this ambitious project.  Another member shared excerpts from his rambling notes.  Writing down thoughts and ideas each day provide fodder for future pieces.

We then had two members who each read a piece related to our assignment which was, “Caught”.  It just so happens that each of them traveled back to early school experiences.  One of these writers was caught, the other got away with it.

NEXT ASSIGNMENT:  Judgement        NEXT MEETING:  July 13, 1:30 in the library

Look forward to seeing old and new friends next month.


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