Newsletter   D. Bradley, May, 2016

A beautiful spring day, despite the black flies, brought out our core group members today.  Never fear, we had a wonderful and actually beneficial time together.  We enjoyed a piece written about the performance of The Goldberg Variations in Boston’s Stewart Gardiner Museum.  In contrast, we heard “And the Band Played On”, a piece depicting lifetime reactions to marriage and relationships in general.  An interesting take on a passion to explore abandoned and hidden places transported us to a grandparents’ attic, an abandoned subway station, and finally, the abandoned and unused places in the basement of a NYC bank’s branch.  We are in the throes of hearing the beginning of a novel, written with great detail describing a fictional New Jersey shore town. The enticing title, “Death on the Beach” guarantees us some future entertainment.

NEXT ASSIGNMENT:  At the meeting we offered the assignment, Caught.  However, it seems to be so similar to our previous assignment of Trapped, that I decided to offer it, if it may inspire, and also add, Rituals, as another idea.

NEXT MEETING:  June 8, same time, same place. Hopefully we will see even more members, and maybe a new member or two.  It makes for an entertaining afternoon.


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  1. Debbie MacAvoy

    Where is “same time, same place”? I would be interested in attending a meeting to meet people and see what you do. I am living here for the summer, am recently retired and have started writing again, although only for fun.

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