INDIAN LAKE WRITERS’ GROUP Monthly Newsletter April, 2016 D.Bradley

Although Spring was late in arriving this year, it most certainly was in the minds of our members. How wonderful to see so many show up and what outstanding writing we shared during our meeting.  

We heard a delightful childhood tale of the memory of a thirteen year old attempting to parachute off of high places with a sheet as a cape.  A piece entitled Bilingual Frustrations captured the challenges of learning another language.  Sad but at times humorous human interactions were shared after a visitation to a dear friend who, at a young age lives an Assisted Living Facility.  Also, a need for a cataract operation became a bit of a challenge when the very qualified surgeon did exhibit signs of Tourettes Syndrome.  In one piece we heard the various memories of people met along life’s journeys.

The I Remember That assignment brought back to life memories of horse drawn wagons pulled by the Milk Man, the Junk Man, the Rag Man and the Vegetable Man.  We also heard the history of Drive In Theaters in New Jersey. Finally, we joined the memory of a family vacation from New Jersey to Minnesota during the 1950s.

Assignment:   “Change” or anyone interested in writing again on the topic of “I Remember That”.  Next Meeting:   Wednesday, May 11 at 1:30 in our library


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