Snocade festivities planned

Make tracks at the library!  Snocade kicks off with a parade on Friday, February 12 at 4:30. The tricky tray will be held that night at 6 in the school gym.

Friends Book and Cookie sale on Saturday 2.13 and Sunday 2.14  from 10-2:30.  A great selection and well organized with new shelving up in the book shed.

Although the library will be closed on Monday, 2.15 (Check out the dogsled rides at Byron Park 12-5 and  and  FrostFest at the Adirondack Museum from 10-4) bring the kids to the library for stories and crafts on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday from 1- 2 PM.

Wednesday at 7 PM we will have a special presentation in the library by Erik Schlimmer and Jill Reid on hiking and travels. Erik will have his new book, “My Adirondacks”.


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