WRITERS’ GROUP NEWSLETTER Donna Bradley September, 2015

Our annual visit from Michael Czarnecki and Steve Coffman delighted many of us again as we sat around a table sharing our stories. Nancy reminded us that this workshop is supported by a grant from New York State Poets and Writers. Thanks to annual grants we have had the benefit of an annual Writing Workshop led by Michael for maybe eighteen years with Steve joining Michael for the past eight years.  These two creative and inspiring writers encourage us with their careful listening and quality critiques of the pieces we share with them.  The writers attending this session shared a variety of creative and powerful pieces, some poetry others prose.  Each reader received sensitive, constructive, and thoughtful responses from both Michael and Steve.

We convened again at the library in the evening to listen to readings from current books published by each of these two talented writers.  Our evening ended with the ability to purchase a book or more written by Michael and Steve and chat with them as they autographed their books.  This annual event continues to be a jolt of inspiration as we continue on our path toward discovering and writing our own personal stories.

*** Instead of meeting in two weeks which would fit with our regular meeting schedule, I thought we should give ourselves a little more time.   Instead, I am suggesting a meeting on WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 21 at 1:30.  Hope this works for all of you.

***Assignment, if you so choose:  Searching


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