Our Wednesday meeting rolls around quickly when surrounded by a busy summertime schedule of events.  However, there is no more pleasant way to spend a summer afternoon than in our library sharing stories with our writing friends.  It is here that time slows down, affording us an opportunity to enjoy each others’ written experiences, and always be inspired by the variety and skillful presentations of our friends around the table.

There were seven of us sitting together this Wednesday; each one with a story to tell.  We began with the intention of listening carefully to each other and offering welcome advice and suggestions for improving the pieces we shared.  It turned out to be very successful.

We enjoyed a tale of a grandfather sharing the facts of life with three teenaged boys.  We heard three writers who each wrote a piece related to our assignment, “On the Road”.  One was a poem about Road-Kill, one a trip to a Butterfly Farm in Florida, and a third about a heart stopping true story about two college boys who crashed a car on a lonely road during a wet night in Alabama in 1965.  Two other poems delighted us with lovely similes, one of two curious squirrels who interrupted a crow who was tearing apart a carcass, and another one, inspired by Jane Kenyon’s poem “Let Evening Come” was called “Let Morning Come”.

We heard a poem relating to the writer’s recent illness called, “Not Me”, and a writer who contemplated the aging process after recalling and sharing a previous risk taken adventure.  Finally we heard a revised poem which reflected shared experiences with nature out her window.

*** We shared the latest data related to the sales of our book, Asters and Ink.  At this point we have sold a total of 143 books, and since purchasing another twenty we have twenty seven more available to sell.  We have them for sale at the library, Pines’ Country Store, and Abanakee Studio.  We are hoping that this summer will provide a good possibility for selling our remaining books.

***Our next meeting will be on Wednesday, August 12.

***Our assignment for those interested is:  A Chance Encounter

Have a happy summer and see you then.


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