Rural Law Center of New York

The Indian Lake Library is pleased to provide access to the Rural Law Center of New York, INC.   We can connect you with answers with your questions on such topics as:

Going to Court, Preparing for Court in New York State, Small Claims Court, How to Serve the Other Party

What is Service?, Directions for Personal Service, Service by Publication in NYS Divorce

Custody/Visitation, How to Prepare for a Custody Case, Custody Case Worksheet, Custody for the Non-Biological Parent, Quick Tips for Non-Parent Custody, Non-Parent Filing for Child Custody

How to Respond to a Scheduling Order, Sample Response to a Scheduling Order,

Grandparent Visitation Guide

Financial Matters, Managing Your Debt, Quick Tips for Dealing with Creditors

How to Answer a Complaint, Getting Creditors to Cease Contact, How to Dispute a Debt, What are Exempt Funds?

Letter to Creditor/Exempt Funds, Should I File for Bankruptcy?

Child Support, Child Support in NYS/Some Answers, NYS Child Support Standards Chart

Wills/Powers of Attorney, Writing Your Will, Being an Executor, NYS Power of Attorney

Divorce/Separation, Guide to Self-Represented Divorce, How to Serve Your Spouse, How to Respond When Served

Mediation/Arbitration, What is Mediation?, FAQ about Mediation

Health and Aging, Senior Citizen NYS Legal Resource Guide, Health Care Proxy in New York State, Senior and Caregiver Checklist

Housing Legal Resource Guide, Buying a Home on a Land Contract, Sample Land Contract, Buying a Mobile Home, Tenant Tips


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