WRITERS GROUP NEWSLETTER,    Donna Bradley January, 2015

A new year and a fresh start!! Yes, it has been well below zero pretty often this month, but, we are a hardy folk, maybe a bit weary of this cold, but we plod onward. Our first meeting of the year began with a long list of “business” issues.  I will list the issues below

*First of all we have decided to send out our monthly newsletter by e-mail from now on.  So, do make sure that you check your e-mail each month to keep track of what we are involved in, especially if you have not attended the meeting.

*Nancy Berkowitz has requested that since our Writers’ Group is so closely connected to the library, that perhaps as members of the group, we can all be supportive by becoming members of the “Friends of the Library” and make a contribution to support this wonderful organization.   Contributions are discretionary, depending on what you feel you can contribute.  Stop by the desk when you enter the library and ask for an application.

*Indian Lake celebrates our winter each year during President’s week in February.  This year Winterfest, as it is called, will be held during the week of February 13 through February 22.  Nancy has suggested that the library sponsor an open mic night on February 18th for readers and storytellers.  It can be hosted in our own library room.  This will be a great opportunity to share your work with a wider audience.  Plan to mark your calendars and join us that evening, along with, hopefully, some visitors to our area.  More details will follow.

*The Do Tell Program held last fall in our library provided five people an educational and entertaining experience learning just how to tell a story.  After a lot of practice, the stories were video taped on the final class day.  Unfortunately, the production of the video was unsuccessful.  We are considering offering a shortened version of this class to one and all.  If you are interested and let me know, we may be able to do something along these lines in late January, early February. Perhaps this would enable some people to tell a story rather than to read one on the night of February 18.

*We just reordered 40 more Asters and Ink books and will receive them by the end of the month.  This has been a successful venture for our group and we hope to introduce our wonderful creation to many more people.

Business over!!  Once the above items were discussed we got down to our regular business.

Our attendees proved to be thoughtful and insightful writers.  We had a heart stopping adventure about a man during the prohibition period outrunning the coast guard as he was picking up and delivering a shipment of booze in his high powered small boat.  We traveled along with a young couple in the late 1800s in Odessa, Ukraine who sailed to America and set up a tailoring business in Harlem.  We next switched to the Fulton Fish Market where we accompanied a credit officer who spent time with a successful fish merchant in his fish market booth and private office and felt like a “fish out of water”.  Switching to a modern day conundrum we contemplated modern day childrearing practices.  We listened to a poem summing up the experiences of a prostate cancer survivor, and actually found a bit of humor in it.  Finally we heard some heartfelt and complimentary responses written to one of our members reacting to receiving a copy of Asters and Ink as a gift.

On the whole we covered a wide range of topics that were entertaining, surprising, and fulfilling.  I do believe that we each returned to our homes warmed by the experience of sharing pieces of our lives with people who care.

*Our next meeting will be Wednesday, February 11 at 1:30 in the library.

*Our assignment, if you so choose, will be “Timing”.  If you are interested, give it a try!  🙂


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