INDIAN LAKE WRITERS’ GROUP Monthly Newsletter November, 2014 Bradley LXXXXVI

After completing a year and a half of creativity, cooperation and hard work our Chap Book arrived just in time for distribution at our monthly meeting.  How exciting to finally view the finished product after all of this hard work.  It was considered a rousing success.  Many of our wonderful writers’ brought pieces to read.  The creativity does not stop.

We traveled on a 379 mile bike ride along the Erie Canal.  We visited an orthopedic center and met various patients, each with their own experiences who rallied together to create a human bond of friendship, hope, and laughter.  We took a boat ride down the Jersey Coast and out into the Atlantic to scatter a highly respected Commodore’s ashes.  We reminisced with the author who traveled back into the 1930’s and 40’s in Harlem’s Small’s Paradise where Jazz was king.  We heard two poems, November, and A Convening of Crows.  November was a challenging poetic style called a Sestina in which we heard beautiful descriptions of this unique month.  In A Convening of Crows we filled our imagination and memories of crows described in exquisite metaphor.  Finally, in Traveling Among Ghosts we observed people in cars and trucks, and a man straddling a meridian as the author traveled north amidst traffic and eventually crossed the Hudson River in order to keep a promise to her father.  She scattered his ashes into the river.  Interesting how two writers’ this month wrote about scattering ashes!

Our meeting ended with taking a photo of us all which will be part of an article in the local newspapers announcing our book publication and referring to places where it may be purchased. We then each received copies of the books which we ordered and wished each other good holidays as we close our meetings for the year, 2014.

We will NOT have a meeting in the month of December.

***Our next meeting will be on the SECOND WEDNESDAY of January, –January 14, 2015.

Mark your calendars.

***At our January meeting I will be collecting $8.00 from each member of our Writers’ Group who wishes to be mailed a monthly newsletter for the year 2015.  There is also the option of obtaining a shortened version of the newsletter each month on our Indian Lake Library web site and this is for free.


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