Indian Lake Writers’ Group           LXXXXV October, 2014

It is always a welcome pleasure to spend time with our two friends, Michael Czarnecki and Steve Coffman at their Writing Workshop presentation.  Over the many, many years that Michael has been coming to Indian Lake he has offered a variety of programs in order to inspire our writing.  When Steve joined him, quite a few years ago also, the two of them offered a balance of poetry with memoir writing.  Finally, the two have developed a pattern of sharing their personal wisdom as well as critiquing writing brought to them by members of our group. The beauty of this is that it offers each of us a personal response from both Michael and Steve. Their ability to listen carefully and make thoughtful suggestions enables us to work on improving a specific piece of our own writing. This has been a very successful experience for all of us. Because of this style everyone who attended shared their writing and benefitted from Michael and Steve’s critiques.

Of course, we all waited with bated breath as to the eventual outcome of our Chap Book.  Chris and Beth worked hard at editing our pieces with the help of Kathy.  The final product was sent to Michael and he was able to arrive at our meeting with three “proof” copies of the book.  This allows us the opportunity to peruse the entire book and make changes if necessary.  Our biggest missing piece was the title, and with much thought and conversation we arrived, with the help of Nancy B. at our title:                   ”Asters and Ink”.  Michael has assured us that the final product will be available at our next meeting, on November 19.  Hurray!  This is just in time for holiday gift giving.

Please arrive at the meeting with a check payable to:   ROBERT BRADLEY

Bob will write a check out for the total amount to Michael.  We have received an approximate number of books which we personally wish to purchase and we have decided to order an additional 30 to sell to others.  We have the opportunity to order more from Michael if desired.  The books will sell for $7.00 each.

***Our next meeting will be:  Wednesday, November 19 at 1:30 at the library.

***An assignment if you wish to choose will be:  freedom

We will not have a December meeting but will begin again in the new year, 2015 and may change our meeting time to the SECOND Wednesday of the month.  We can discuss this for reactions at our November meeting.

Also, those of us who attended the Do Tell program wish to share our knowledge and maybe encourage others to try it out.  Some thoughts for our future year may include an “Open Mic Night” at the theater and storytelling skills can tie into this.  We have had a terrific year in 2014 and wish to continue with as much enthusiasm in 2015!


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