September, 2014 D. Bradley LXXXXIV

Hello everyone. We seem to have had a pause in our regular meeting schedules. Last month’s meeting time was usurped by the Do Tell Program which was initiated by Nancy Berkowitz and offered for those who wished to try Story Telling as a supplement to their writing skills. As it turned out the Do Tell Program was a success despite a small group of interested attendees. After three weeks in a row during which we were learning about the skills of story telling we all faced the fourth meeting knowing that we would be using our new skills to tell our story while being recorded. You will be hearing from those of us who experienced this program at our future meetings.

Our next meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, October 15 at 1:00 in the library. However, we will again diverge from our regular program. As it turns out Michael Czarnecki and Steve Coffman will be offering a Writing Workshop in the afternoon from 1 until 4, and they will be doing a reading in the library that same evening from 7 until 8pm. They usually encourage us to bring a piece of writing to the afternoon program which we would like to be critiqued by them. They are both masters at listening carefully and offering ideas to enable us to improve our writing.

In addition, we are hoping to hear details from Michael as to the progress of our new Chap Book. I think we are all waiting with great anticipation for the arrival of the finished product. When you do come to the meeting please come with an idea of how many books you will wish to purchase when they do arrive. Hopefully we can look forward to having books to offer as gifts to friends and family over the holidays.

***Don’t forget to come to our Writing Workshop on Wednesday, October 15 at 1:00 for Michael Czarnecki’s presentation. And, keep in mind that he and Steve will also do a reading in the evening from 7-8pm.


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