Word Q&A

We’ll have a drop in class on Word on Saturday, November 1 at 9 am.  No need to sign up; drop in with your questions!


Indian Lake Writers’ Group           LXXXXV October, 2014

It is always a welcome pleasure to spend time with our two friends, Michael Czarnecki and Steve Coffman at their Writing Workshop presentation.  Over the many, many years that Michael has been coming to Indian Lake he has offered a variety of programs in order to inspire our writing.  When Steve joined him, quite a few years ago also, the two of them offered a balance of poetry with memoir writing.  Finally, the two have developed a pattern of sharing their personal wisdom as well as critiquing writing brought to them by members of our group. The beauty of this is that it offers each of us a personal response from both Michael and Steve. Their ability to listen carefully and make thoughtful suggestions enables us to work on improving a specific piece of our own writing. This has been a very successful experience for all of us. Because of this style everyone who attended shared their writing and benefitted from Michael and Steve’s critiques Continue reading “Indian Lake Writers’ Group           LXXXXV October, 2014”


September, 2014 D. Bradley LXXXXIV

Hello everyone. We seem to have had a pause in our regular meeting schedules. Last month’s meeting time was usurped by the Do Tell Program which was initiated by Nancy Berkowitz and offered for those who wished to try Story Telling as a supplement to their writing skills. As it turned out the Do Tell Program was a success Continue reading “INDIAN LAKE WRITERS’ GROUP Monthly Newsletter”