INDIAN LAKE WRITERS’ GROUP Monthly Newsletter       LXXXXI June, 2014, D. Bradley

June has been a record breaking month for Indian Lake Writers.  Two unique experiences have occurred this month with the promise of even greater things to come.

Michael Czarnecki, visited us on the evening of June 11 at the library.  Michael was finishing up his tour of Route 28 from Kingston to Warrensburg.  He spoke to a small group of enthusiastic listeners.  First he shared stories of last year’s trip which included a Reading in each of the 48 states.  That was quite an accomplishment and took him about five months driving 17,000 miles.  Michael then shared some of his photos on a big screen of fascinating sights along Route 28.  Many of us recognized some of the areas he photographed.  However, Michael captures fascinating and unique sights which many people can easily miss.  His many experiences during his journeys offer creative ways to learn about our country and opportunities to meet many new friends along the way.  Thank you Friends of the Library for your continued support to make this possible!

Instead of our usual meeting time this month, our group met on June 18 from10:30 until 12:30.   We have been working toward publishing our third Chap Book and it seems to be turning into our very best.

Chris Zacher has been spearheading this operation, encouraging and collecting pieces many of us have shared during our regular meeting times. We seem to have so many excellent pieces that Nancy Strader offered the idea of inviting The Penny Readers who could then “professionally” read our own work.  The Penny Readers are a group formed in North Creek based at Tannery Pond and led by Dennis Wilson.  They follow the tradition originated in the mid 19th century ( prior to TV and computer entertainment), by performing “readings”.   Knowing that we would require a quiet and comfortable setting, Nancy Berkowitz offered to open the library in the morning so we could sit and listen to four Penny Readers perform our pieces.  It was a grand success.  Everyone including the writers and the readers enjoyed the experience.  Who knows, the reaction was so positive that future collaborations possibly await.

***Our next month’s assignment includes a choice:   whisper or disappearance

***Our next meeting:  Wednesday, July 16 at 1:30 in the library

***   “Writing begins with all that we have known since we were born, and perhaps with a lot of knowledge that was born in us.  We write, first of all, to discover what we know and then what we need to know.”    Donald Murray


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