INDIAN LAKE WRITERS’ GROUP News by  Donna Bradley   

LXXXVIII      March, 2014

Who would imagine that on March 19 some of our members would be unable to attend due to a late afternoon snow storm.  And, the predictions were accurate!  However,  several of us did rally and we had a very productive meeting.

Chris initiated conversation related to our up and coming publication.  She reviewed the pieces that she has already received, and we all know that there will be more to come. We agreed that the final date for offering an entry will be May 15.  For those of you who have not offered a piece or two, this may encourage you to send Chris your entries.

Chris also suggested that once we have all pieces ready we may invite The Penny Readers of OTTG to come to a meeting and present our pieces in their voices.  What an interesting idea.  So, gather up your writing and bring it to the next meeting.  Things are getting exciting.

During our shared reading time we heard a story of a young American soldier in Germany who took a part time job as a bouncer when Johnny Cash came to perform for the troops in 1961.

We heard a poem called, Old Plums sharing the experience of climbing a mountain and finding that the only treat for the day’s exercise were some old plums.  We also heard five delicious hiakus from this same author.

Next we experienced getting ready to travel to Canandaigua, the title of a piece, and having great difficulty finding the necessary pair of glasses.  The second piece by this author took us to Amish country and described a home in progress, and a short description of an Amish woman.

Our assignment for this month was Explosion and the following three authors worked around this title.  We heard a family Fourth of July coinciding with a recent move from a city to a suburb.  We held our breath due to the expectations of a son’s trick played on his father with “loads” inserted into cigarettes.  And we experienced poetry dealing with anger, and also the explosion of Spring.

***Our next meeting will be April 16 at 1:30 in the library.

***Our next assignment:  Try writing a haiku or two.  If you wish to try another idea you may like responding to the word – Help.

“Without memory, a person would not have the sense of continuity even to know who he or she was. Without a doubt

memory is central to being human.    Elizabeth Loftus



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