Writers Group News

Monthly Newsletter November, 2013, D. Bradley LXXXVI

On a cool November afternoon we joined together to discuss our shared enthusiasm for writing. We are pursuing the project of preparing for a future publication of our work. Over the past ten years, our group has successfully published two books, Mountain Moments in 2005, and Footprints Past and Present in 2008. Now we are off and running to publish a third. We are in the process of accepting ideas for a title. After some discussion we have decided that each person who wishes to be included in this future endeavor may offer two written pieces. Our unifying connection is to the Adirondacks and we often find ourselves writing about this area which inspires us. Therefore, one piece may represent this connection. However, we are all individuals with unique backgrounds and experiences and thus, a second piece may offer insight into another aspect of our lives. This is an exciting endeavor and we look forward to future submissions and a successful outcome in 2014

Today’s shared writing time started off with an apology to a mother for an innocent childhood comment. Our second writer explored a current issue that exists in many communities as well as our own. In each of these two cases writing serves a specific purpose, one to address the past, and the other to share concern for the present.

Other writers shared various experiences. We hiked with grandchildren who experimented with the various uses of a stick, and contemplated the “over the top” Christmas letter some of us have received from a friend or relative. We traveled back in time to experience again the origin of of a relationship, and followed a strange and curious event on the streets of New York. We pictured a mother crocheting a legacy and looked back on the history of the Mets baseball team. What a variety!

We will not meet in December!! Our next meeting will be on January 15, a Wednesday, at 1:30 in the library. Our next assignment suggestion is “Thaw or Freeze”.


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