INDIAN LAKE WRITERS’ GROUP Newsletter July, 2013

D.Bradley LXXXII

Michael Czarnecki and Steve Coffman provided a stimulating afternoon and evening with members and new visitors to our Writers’ Group. Michael has been inspiring us with his visits for sixteen years or more. Steve joined him about six years ago.  The two of them offer leadership, encouragement and guidance to all who attend. Continue reading “INDIAN LAKE WRITERS’ GROUP Newsletter July, 2013”

More fresh food in Indian Lake!

A new breakfast/lunch place opened this week at the site of Misty Mountain Bakery. Chrissy’s opens early for breakfast and serves through lunch.  This morning was the opening day of the Indian Lake Community Farmers Market with locally grown produce, plants, baked goods to be had and of course McWhorter’s Orchards brings us wonderful fruits and vegetables Tuesday and Fridays from 12-4 right across from the library.  So convenient!