TUESDAY JULY 16 1:00-4:00 Writing Workshop; 7-9 Poetry Reading

poetry poster 2013 INDIAN LAKE WRITERS’ GROUP

Monthly Newsletter               LXXXI                      June, 2013
D. Bradley

Last month we heard a piece composed totally with song titles. So, this month it was suggested that we write a piece inspired by a song title of our choosing.  This idea spawned a variety of song inspirations.  This proves that you can find a song title that will relate to just about anything.  Here’s proof.

We heard of a young girl who was convinced when only nine years old that she would eventually sing with the Big Bands.  Her inspiration was “With a Song in My Heart”.

Christopher Cross’ song, “Sailing” inspired a long history of sailing adventures and misadventures.  The song, “Memory” from the Broadway show, “Cats” stirred the memory of a friendship developed over years of listening to him sing on Friday night Happy Hours at a NJ shore tavern.

A fiction story of a young woman who had developed a phobia of dogs, ended with a little dog pawing acar window yearning to be wanted.  So, “How Much is That Doggy in the Window?” seemed to connect.

There were many WWII songs which connected to the story of three brothers all of whom served in the military during the war.

**TUESDAY JULY 16   1:00-4:00 Writing Workshop
7:00-9:00  Reading

**ASSIGNMENT:  Bring something that you have written in the past to share at this meeting.  This is an opportunity for a professional and inspiring critique.


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