News from the Writers Group

Monthly Newsletter     May, 2013

D. Bradley                                      LXXX

Spring arrives and we find that we are invigorated, energized, and  renewed.  Our days may be filled with sunshine, dripping with rain, and battered  with high winds, but we can feel change in the air and perhaps our writing may have been inspired by all this new energy.  This month we find ourselves   enchanted by a song story, exhilarated by the ocean, and seasonal changes, intrigued by two”feather” tales, and finally found that writing a short story in only  200 words is a challenge achievable.

Our meeting with MIchael Czarnecki and Steve Coffman has been slightly rescheduled.  It will take place on TUESDAY, JULY 16th instead of the  17th. These two talented gentlemen will offer a writing workshop in the afternoon and a reading in the evening.  Additional information will follow.

Our next meeting date will be Wednesday, June 19th at the library at 1:30. All are always welcome.

Our next assignment:  Perhaps you might try to write a tale related to  a song title.  There are many to choose from, so this could be an interesting meeting in June.  We could end up singing a few tunes together.


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