Writers Group meets again May 15

Monthly Newsletter                                           April,2013

Another month, and another positive experience sharing our stories.  No matter whether we tackle memoir, fiction, or even
poetry, our writing represents who we are and mirrors how we view the world. We are happy to announce that Michael Czarnecki and Steve Coffman plan to offer a Writers’ Workshop on July 17 at our usual monthly meeting time.  Michael and Steve have been offering their expertise to all who have attended their fruitful workshops for more than ten years. We look forward to another opportunity to glean writing tips from each of them.

Our writers were hard at work this month.  Our suggested assignment was Shore Stories.Three totally different approaches were read.  We heard about the joyful memories of vacationing in Panama City Beach and an account of a most unjoyful experience at the Jersey Shore.  A unique poem sharing favorite images of Jersey Shore experiences mimicked the structure of the poem, Litany by Billy Collins.

A poem honoring a daughter’s 25 wedding anniversary delighted us.  Hearing an account of teaching 26 at-risk teenagers during a 6th period class kept us in suspense, providing a bit of shock, laughter, and admiration for this teacher. We also cruised along the Chesapeake Bay in a 42 foot boat named Tockwough.  Our adventurous writer also shared a second chapter of his coming of age ex-
periences in the Toms River area of New Jersey.

Our next assignment:  One or both of these may stir your thoughts—  feather, or time.

Our next meeting:  May 15 1:30 in the library

We welcome anyone interested in joining us and finding out that we are enthusiastic and welcoming to all new members.


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