February, 2013

This winter must have provided a good period of time to stay at home
huddled over a computer or a writers’ pad and compose, compose, compose. We had a  prolific bunch this month and we all enjoyed listening to various styles and  ideas.
Amazing how on such a cold afternoon we could create such warmth and
enthusiasm inside our Indian Lake Library.

We heard about how one can win frequently at an Indian Lake, Tricky
Tray.  We had two memoir pieces, one initiated by the title of Window Watching,
and the other a family history of Valentine’s Day.  We had an inspirational
poem about windows in homes and churches.  One of our writers’ has begun a   fiction piece based in Brooklyn, while another writer has begun a semi nonfiction piece based on the disappearance of a long time ago friend.  Finally,another writer shared a sad tale of historical significance which has since been
wiped out of existence.  Is that variety for you?

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Book sale February 16

The Friends of the Library will have their annual winter booksale on Saturday February 16 at the Town Hall at 10 am- 2:30 pm COOKIE Sale too!  See you there!

Interested in volunteering?  Always looking for strong people to schlep books on Friday morning (early) before the sale. Call the library for details.


Tax help at the library

On February 11 and 25 free tax help will be available from 12-4 for those households with incomes below $51,000.  The Volunteer Income Tax Assistance Program provides help with tax preparation and helps working individuals and families access the Earned Income Tax Credit they are entitled to