Take a seat and read

When George Griebel made a donation in memory of his wife  Charlotte, he discussed the possibility of purchasing a bench or chairs for the library lawn. Coincidentally,  The Town of Indian Lake started a “have a seat” program encouraging hospitality throughout the Town.  Thanks to Library Trustee and artist Bernadette Traeger and Trustee Bill Murphy, we think our chairs are

beware the bears!

the most welcoming.  You’ll like our Adirondack chairs in Indian Lake!

pick up a book and have a seat

Catch Up with the Indian Lake Writers Group

The Indian Lake Writers’ Group will meet Wednesday, September 19 at 1:30 at the library. Consider writing something on the subject of “layers”, “I could go on and on”, “stirring” or write a poem and match it to music.

Everyone is welcome to attend. Read about the August meeting of the group August newsletter

Summer isn’t over yet!

There is a snap in the air that feels different. It’s darker in the morning too… but summer reading isn’t over yet;  A few more weeks to go.  The crowds waiting for us outside the library as we open each morning has thinned out. Did you get enough time at the library?  Would you like to see us expand summer hours?  Please let us know while remembering that with expanded services and hours, there will be a cost.  What did we do this summer that worked? How can we improve???  

Don’t miss the PUPPET PEOPLE

The Puppet People are coming to Indian Lake to present
The Dreaming Dragon

The Puppet People are coming to Indian Lake

Draco the Dragon always reads before he goes to sleep…
But some of his stories have gotten all mixed up!!
• Help him solve a Royal Disaster!
• Watch a nursery rhyme gone wrong!
• See a silly monster sing a song!
• Help the hero save the day!
• Audience Participation!

WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 8, 2012, AT 7:00 pm