Indian Lake Writers Group Newsletter

It is my pleasure to post the monthly newsletter of the writers group

Monday, February 27, 2012 4:12 PM
Monthly Newsletter February, 2012
Donna Bradley LXVIII
We began our monthly meeting with a news flash!  Nancy Strader, unable to attend due to recuperating from her second shoulder replacement surgery, requested that I publicize a special up and coming event at our Indian Lake Theater.  On Sunday, March 11, a documentary will be shown depicting the story of Kristin Kimball and her husband who operate a small farm in Essex County.  Kristin, in her book, The Dirty Life, describes  how her life changed from a Yale graduate living in NYC as a writer to an old fashioned hard working farm girl.  All Hamilton County readers will delight in this story and then get to meet Kristin and watch the documentary, Small Farm Risi this incredible story and join others at the theater on Sunday, March 11.
Our meeting this month allowed each us to share our personal response to an ancestor.  These stories created a meaningful connection to our past and to each other.

Did you finish “The Dirty Life”?

Copies are available at the library and on overdrive for your e-reader. Please return your copies as soon as you can since there is a waiting list.  On Sunday, March 11, we will meet the author and watch the documentary at the Indian Lake Theater.  This program starts at 3 PM so read the book, see the film and meet the author during a special Q&A reception.  Thanks to support from the Glenn and Carol Pearsall Adirondack Foundation and the NYSCA Hamilton County Decentralization Program, this is the first Hamilton County Reads Program and we anticipate a crowd!