Writers getting ready to publish

The Indian Lake Writers group hope to have their new publication ready by the holidays.  Share the Adirondacks with a gift of short stories, poetry and prose!  The Penny Readers read selections to the group and they were just stunning!

Penny Readers perform work of Indian Lake Writers Group

Penny Readers perform work of Indian Lake Writers Group

Overdrive can be Automatic

If you’d like a hold to be automatically borrowed for you when it becomes available, follow these steps:

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Paper Airplane Club August 20

Another fun library event, Mr. De Chant’s Fold ‘em and Fly ‘em Paper Airplane Club will be held on August 20 at 7:02 paperairplane All kids are welcome. 

Mobile device clinic Saturday at 9am

We won’t be having the tech drop in on Wednesday, August 6th, so come in Saturday, Aug 2 or August 9th at 9 and we’ll try to help.  

Hope your head is still attached

Magic IS Science. Thank you all for that great show.  Kids can check their reading records on Friday. Saturday and Monday this week for their gift book.  Tuesday we will be reading Mulan at 10 am.  Wednesday, August 6,  7 PM is the final Summer Reading Program with Sandy, Adirondack Grossology.

Wednesday Summer Reading Program 7:PM but at Byron Park Pavilion

Attention Summer Readers!  Join us for  Science or Magic this Wednesday, 7-8 at Byron Park for a  magic show filled with optical illusions, magic, and audience participation.  We will learn to think like a scientist and act like a magician!


Monthly Newsletter               July, 2014,  D. Bradley

Gathering together in Town Hall, instead of the library this month, we sat in a circle and quickly engaged in the continuing conversation related to our up and coming Chap Book.  We have been searching for a catchy title, and interested in collecting some sketches and photos to enhance our written words. After we listened to our writers’ share their latest gems, we hit pay dirt with a possible title for our book before departing. Continue reading

A winner!

Thank you to all for contributing to the great success of the booksale!  The bake sale sold out, the books were terrific and the hand massage was just wonderful. Congrats to Florence of North River, winner of the quilt.  Florence is a long time library supporter.  We couldn’t be happier for her.

Booksale Saturday and Sunday 10-2:30

The booksale begins at 10 on July 25 but there will be a bake sale Saturday as well, so get there early!  The sale continues through Sunday and the QUILT drawing will take place on Sunday at noon.  Thanks to everyone for your  contributions of such gently used books  and yummy treats.

Do Tell!

Learning to tell personal stories in a free workshop September 10,17,24 and October 1, 1:30-3:30. The free workshop is produced by the Folklife Center at Crandall Public Library and made possible in part with a grant from the Alfred Z Solomon Charitable Trust. Sign up has begun!  


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